Stretch Mark Removal Toronto Clinic

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Stretch mark is an unavoidable topic that many women struggle with, which is why the search for Laser Stretch mark removal Toronto Clinic is on the rise.

For many women, stretch mark is one of the unfriendly sides of pregnancy.

Even bodybuilders are not left out. As long as you have lost or gained a considerable amount of weight within a short period, you’re likely to have stretch marks.

If you would love to get rid of your stretch marks following weight gain, weight loss, or pregnancy, contact Renovo Medical Clinic for a free, no-obligation consultation.

What is a stretch mark?

These are scars that develop when our skin shrinks or stretches. This change in our body causes the elastin and collagen that support our skin to break down.

A leg with stretch marks

However, as the skin recovers and heals itself, stretch marks become visible.

With that said,

How can I take care of my stretch marks problem?

So many people with stretch marks have tried different gels, oils, creams and lotions and nothing seems to remove the stretch mark.

I guess it’s time I introduced you to one of the best laser stretch mark removal Toronto clinics that will help you get rid of your stretch marks.

At Renovo Medical Clinic, we are the number one skin and body rejuvenation clinic in Toronto, Canada.

Under the leadership of Dr. Sameh Michael, our certified physicians can help you with your stretch mark problem.

Dr. Sameh Michael MD CCFP

Renovo Medical Clinic Laser Stretch mark removal process

When it comes to the stretch mark removal process, there are four methods available, and they are;

  • surgery
  • microdermabrasion
  • laser therapy
  • chemical peel

However, here at Renovo Medical Clinic, we use Fotona laser technology as a practicable and productive solution to remove stretch marks on our Toronto patients.

Fotona laser technology is an incredible piece of innovation. It is a non-surgical modern treatment method for remodelling and resurfacing the skin.

We use Fotona laser technology to enhance collagen production, carry out skin tightening procedures and reduce stretch marks to the barest minimum.

Our leading certified physician, Dr. Sameh Michael and his team conduct all treatments at Renovo Medical clinic in Toronto. 

Meanwhile, it is good to know that stretch mark is a very common scar on the skin that affects both genders. In most cases, stretch mark has a way of affecting people’s confidence as they may be victims of body shaming.

No one should be body shamed for the way they look. It’s uncalled for and should never be an accepted norm in our society.

Thankfully, Renovo Medical Clinic can help you fix your stretch mark situation.

To get the best laser stretch mark removal Toronto clinic dermatologist to help you out, contact Renovo Medical Clinic for a free, no-obligation consultation.

Factors that increase your chances of having stretch marks

Anybody can have stretch marks. However, some factors can increase your chances of having stretch marks, and they include the following;

  • family or personal history with stretch marks
  • being a female
  • pregnancy
  • losing or gaining weight rapidly
  • breast enlargement surgery
  • buttocks enlargement surgery
  • using corticosteroids
  • workout and taking anabolic steroids
  • genetic disorder like Marfan syndrome or Cushing syndrome
  • growth that takes place during puberty

Is laser stretch mark medical treatment good for me?

Yes, the laser stretch mark removal procedure is an incredible solution to your stretch marks problem.

It is a non-evasive treatment program that can successfully reduce the presence of stretch marks on the following areas;

  • hips
  • arms
  • breasts
  • abdomen
  • back
  • thighs
  • buttocks

Most people that have stretch marks aren’t worried in any way, shape or form. However, just because a stretch mark is a normal body response mechanism doesn’t mean you should entertain them.

pregnant woman with a stretch mark on her belly

We can help you say goodbye to your stretch marks.

Our Toronto, Vaughn or Stone Creek medical centers are waiting for your call.

Call us at (416) 252-0404 or contact Renovo Medical Clinic for a free, no-obligation consultation to be free from stretch marks.

What are the advantages of laser stretch mark removal?

There are many reasons you should embrace the laser stretch mark removal procedure, and they are listed below.

Non-surgical and non-invasive

Our laser stretch mark removal doesn’t require surgery or incisions, which is why many people love it. Furthermore, there’s no need for anesthesia.

Also, our laser technology can reduce your stretch mark to the barest minimum regardless of its severity and make your skin glow.

Results are noticeable

After Dr. Sameh Michael and his team conduct the laser stretch mark removal procedure on you, you should see positive results.

Using laser light to enhance collagen production and elastin will change your skin appearance, and stretch marks fade away.

Little downtime

Our Toronto medical clinic’s laser stretch mark removal procedure takes less time and the recovery period is incredible fast.

Once we’re done with your treatment, you can return to your daily routine.

Is laser stretch mark removal effective on specific skin colours?

It is important to clarify that laser stretch mark removal works perfectly on all skin colours.

It doesn’t matter if you have shallow or deep stretch marks; we’ll reduce it to the barest minimum.

How much does laser stretch mark removal cost in Toronto?

The cost of a laser stretch mark removal in our Toronto medical clinic is subject to your consultation with our in-house dermatologist.

Call Renovo Medical Clinic at (416) 252-0404 or contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation to be free from stretch marks..

Who is the perfect candidate for laser stretch mark removal?

Renovo Medical Clinic laser stretch mark removal treatment is for anyone who wants to reduce stretch marks on their body from childbirth, weight gain and other causes.

Although it doesn’t matter how you got the stretch mark, our job is to remove them and make your skin look nicer.

The Bottom Line

The first step of your journey to rid yourself of your stretch marks begins with booking a free consultation with us.

Let Renovo Medical Clinic help you.

For your laser stretch mark removal in Toronto, Call us at (416) 252-0404 or contact Renovo Medical Clinic for a free, no-obligation consultation to be free from stretch marks.

Take action today!

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