Elos Plus

Elos Plus is a multi-application device, which can deliver beneficial optical, radiofrequency, and infrared energy. The system offers three unique treatment handpieces that can be used alone or in any combination. The Elos Plus system combines several powerful forms of energy – optical, radiofrequency, and infrared — in one device. These safe energies can treat an incredible range of skin concerns. Your top aesthetic issues are no match for this advanced treatment. Elos Plus treatments can improve the appearance of Wrinkles, Acne scars, Skin discoloration and hyperpigmentation, Sun damage, Uneven skin texture, Large pores, Skin laxity, and Stretch marks.

Elos Plus Technology

Elos Plus incorporates Elos, the world’s first and only technology that incorporates both bipolar RF and optical energy (either laser or pulsed light). The combination of these two types of energy allows for better total energy delivery into the skin, with the ability to utilize lower levels of both optical and RF energy. Less optical energy, when synergistically combined with bipolar RF, improves safety for all skin types.

Sublative Skin Rejuvenation

The Elos Plus can deliver Radiofrequency (RF) treatments that are considered the ‘next-generation’ in resurfacing. Unlike with many resurfacing lasers, Radiofrequency can be used in ALL skin types. These treatments are effective for rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction, and acne scar treatment.

Laser Photofacial (IPL)

Elos Plus combines Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) with RF which creates more specific heating of targets in the skin (blood vessels, redness, and brown spots). This allows the use of less optical energy, which increases treatment safety in even darker skin types.

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