laser Skin Resurfacing

As with all procedures, individual results may vary

The Science of Skin Resurfacing Treatment

Different treatment options are available for the treatment of skin affected by photo-damage and aging, with chemical peels, dermabrasion and laser resurfacing being three of the most often used procedures. There are several advantages of laser skin resurfacing treatment over chemical peels and dermabrasion, with one of the most useful being the ability to control ablation depth.

Benefits of Laser Skin Resurfacing

As a result of the procedure, a pronounced lifting of the upper and lower eyelids is observed, the skin becomes lighter in color, smoother and more elastic, and much of the wrinkles disappear and the overall effect is a younger looking face. Nowadays, laser skin resurfacing has been widely recognized as an effective and predictable method to reverse the signs of chronological and photo-induced aging.

What You Can Expect

  • Ask about your expectations
  • Discuss your medical history
  • Do a physical examination
  • All patients are subject to intensive cooling of the affected area
  • Depending on the skin type, skin damage, age and gender of the patient, different methods of treatment can be used in the skin resurfacing procedure
  • You might be anesthetized to reduce discomfort during the procedure
  • Your doctor will apply a thick ointment to the treated skin and might cover the area with an airtight and watertight dressing
  • You may take a pain reliever and use cool compresses
  • New skin usually covers the area in one or two weeks


​*As with all procedures, individual results may vary

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