Best Laser Hair Removal Toronto

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If you’re seeing this content because you searched for the best laser hair removal Toronto keyphrase online, your search ends here with Renovo Medical Clinic.

Getting a reputable medical facility in Toronto that handles laser hair removal shouldn’t be a hassle, which is why Renovo Medical Clinic is here to help you.

At Renovo Medical Clinic, our professional and experienced doctors are at your service to help you remove or reduce the hair on your skin via laser technology.

What is laser hair removal?

This medical procedure uses a light beam (laser) to remove or reduce unwanted hair on the face, legs, chin, hands, etc.

A doctor conducting laser hair removal on a female patient
A doctor conducting laser hair removal on a female patient

Also, it’s important to note that laser technology can remove hairs from all parts of the body, excluding the eyelid and its surroundings.

During the laser hair removal procedure, the hair on the skin will absorb the light from the laser.

Furthermore, the light transforms into waves and either destroys or damages the hair follicles (responsible for hair growth) on the skin to stop or delay future hair growth.

Renovo Medical clinic laser hair removal process

At Renovo, we conduct all our hair removal procedures with Fotona laser devices.

Fotona laser technology is the industry’s standard for laser applied solutions in medical fields like Dentistry, Surgery, Gynecology and Aesthetics.

With Fotona laser technology in the hands of our certified professional doctors, your skin is bound to get a fresh glowing look.

How is Fotona different from other laser hair removal technology?

Other laser technologies use heat to get the job done. However, with Fotona, the light transforms into photoacoustic waves that get rid of the hair follicles without any risk involved.

With Fotona Laser technology, our professional medical doctors can easily remove the hairs on your chest, back, legs and face region with ease.

At Renovo Medical Clinic, we use Fotuna laser technology to fix the following;

  • Skin resurfacing
  • Permanent hair removal
  • Scar modification
  • Acne
  • Acne scar revision
  • Collagen for eyes
  • Tattoo removal
  • Wrinkles and free lines
  • Nightlase
  • Pigmented lesions
  • Onychomycosis
  • Laser podiatry

If you’re a resident of Toronto, Canada, and you need a hair removal procedure done, the best laser hair removal Toronto service is here to make your worries disappear.

Contact Renovo Medical Clinic today to book a free, no-obligation laser treatment consultation with one of our certified medical doctors.

Reasons to consider laser hair removal service

There are many reasons any will want to leverage laser technology to remove the hair on their body, and here are some of the major reasons.

A doctor conducting laser hair removal on a female patient
A doctor conducting laser hair removal on a female patient

Better than shaving

The hair shaving process is a more popular hair removal option, no doubt.  But it can be tiresome for those who are hairy and grow hair back quickly.

This is why laser hair removal is preferable to shaving devices. Laser technology removes hair at the follicle level, while shaving addresses the hair on the skin’s surface.

Furthermore, you’re still faced with shaving issues like razor burn, bumps, itchiness and ingrown hairs.

Ingrown hairs

Many people who use shaving sticks have experienced ingrown hairs. Ingrown hair is the hair that grows into your skin instead of growing out from your skin.

The best remedy for ingrown hair is through laser technology.

Meanwhile, if you have sensitive skin or experience skin irritation after waxing or shaving, you need to switch to laser technology to remove hair from your body.

Get a smoother skin

If your goal is to have smoother skin, you can’t achieve that with shaving. You need to embrace the safe and painless laser hair removal technology.

woman with smooth skin
woman with smooth skin

Shaving and waxing won’t permanently remove the hair on your body. So if you want a long-term fix, think laser.

Is laser hair removal painful?

Our Fotona laser device is very painless. Most of our patients report that they experience a mild pinching feeling or warm sensation during the procedure.

No one has ever complained of pain; the process is pain-free.

How to prepare for laser hair removal?

Laser hair reduction is a serious medical procedure. It’s more than removing unwanted hair. You need to ensure that the medical doctors are professionals and reputable.

Laser technology in the hands of a quack doctor can be a disaster, so you need to avoid medical clinics that don’t have a walk-in facility.

Besides that, after booking your appointment, try not to pluck or wax the hair on your skin before your appointed date.

This is important because the laser beam targets the hair’s root and won’t find the roots if you continue to wax and pluck hairs from your skin.

Also, it would help if you stayed away from the sun. Do not expose yourself too much to the sun because sun exposure can make the hair removal process less effective.

How many sessions will I need for my laser hair removal procedure?

The number of sessions required to get the job done will depend on how hairy the treatment area looks.

However, the number of sessions is usually between three to five, and it will take six to eight weeks apart to achieve a visually appealing clinical result.

How much is laser hair removal Toronto?

The cost of laser hair removal in our facilities vary, and the reason is that everyone is different.

You’ll need to contact Renovo Medical Clinic today to book a free, no-obligation laser treatment consultation with one of our certified medical doctors, who’ll assess you and give you feedback.

Permanent laser hair removal service in Toronto

If you’re curious and wondering if the laser technology can remove hair permanently? Yes, it can.

You can remove your hair permanently with laser technology if the doctor uses the laser to destroy your hair follicles. Nevertheless, if your hair follicles were only damaged (not destroyed), your hair will grow again.

Although, the timeframe it will take to regrow will depend on whether you have a unique hair type that grows quickly.

Is laser hair removal safe?

The laser technology hair removal procedure is safe once certified professional medical doctors carry it out.

Laser hair reduction isn’t a service you’ll want to cut corners by looking for cheap deals. This is a serious medical business that should be left to the professionals to handle.

The bottom line

Renovo Medical Clinic, the best laser hair removal Toronto service is at your beck and call. We are here to take care of your face, body, hair and weight loss issues.

Contact Renovo Medical Clinic today to book a free, no-obligation laser treatment consultation with one of our certified medical doctors, who’ll assess you and give you feedback.

Take action now.

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